By submitting the protest request form, you agree to the following statements: I warrant that I am the owner of the property described in this registration process or are otherwise legally authorized by the owner of record to enter into this agreement.

I agree with the terms specified herein and retain Chandler Crouch to represent me as my Authorized Agent at the Appraisal District in the county in which my property is located for the purposes of protesting the market value of the property. I have clicked this link and carefully read the SERVICE AGREEMENT, AUTHORIZATION, RELEASE OF LIABILITY. I have printed a copy to retain for my records.”

I understand that by authorizing Chandler Crouch as my property tax agent, all property tax related documents and notices will now be delivered to Chandler Crouch including (but not limited to) property value notices, hearing notices, hearing results, invoices, etc. I authorize and request for Chandler Crouch to deliver all property tax related documents via electronic mail (email) only. I understand it is my responsibility to ensure that the email address I am providing is accurate. I agree to release Chandler Crouch from any liability resulting from email deliverability issues. Emails may be delivered from various email addresses including, but not limited to emails using the following domains,,

If I unsubscribe from any email list associated with Chandler Crouch or if an email is deemed undeliverable for any reason, I authorize Chandler Crouch to immediately discontinue all services and, at our discretion, terminate this representation agreement, and file a Revocation of Appointment of Agent form with the appraisal district. All waivers of liability and protections granted by this agreement will still remain in effect.

I understand that if I receive a notice at any time that a hearing date has been scheduled, I release Chandler Crouch from any obligation to assist me with my protest. I agree that if I or anyone else on my behalf begins the process of protesting, I will not submit this form.

I agree that if I am scheduled for a hearing as a result of initiating a protest independent of help from Chandler Crouch, I will not complete this form.

By completing this form I represent that I have not filed a protest on my own behalf and I have no knowledge of another person acting on my behalf filing a protest.

Chandler is still more than happy to help by answering questions and providing information.

I attest that the property being submitted for Chandler Crouch to protest on is a single family residence in Tarrant county. It has only one account number and it is not specifically designated as split boundary or percentage ownership. I understand that protest requests for commercial, unimproved land, split boundary, percentage ownership, and all other property types that are not single family residential do not qualify for Chandler Crouch’s protest service. I understand Chandler Crouch will not protest prohibited property types and situations mentioned in this paragraph, even if you submit them through this website.

In the event of any material change in the status of my property or related account information, I agree to report such changed status to Chandler Crouch. A material change will include any of the following:

  • New mailing address, telephone number or email address
  • Sale of property or any other change in the status of record ownership of the property
  • Any modification to the property that impacts its value such as change of use, additions/removals and/or structural defects
  • If you decide to hire someone else to help with your protest, please notify us immediately.

Legal Notice In accordance with §1.111. Texas Property Tax Code, I acknowledge the following and appoint Chandler Crouch as my designated agent, and place my signature on the Appointment of Agent form 50-162 (1.111).

IN SOME CASES, YOU MAY WANT TO CONTACT YOUR APPRAISAL DISTRICT OR OTHER LOCAL TAXING UNITS FOR MORE INFORMATION AND/OR FORMS CONCERNING YOUR CASE BEFORE DESIGNATING AN AGENT. As my agent, Chandler Crouch is authorized to sign on my behalf Property Tax Notices of Protest. This Appointment of Agent form will remain on file with the appraisal district and Chandler Crouch will remain my agent and protest every year unless the Appointment of Agent form is revoked. I understand that Chandler Crouch or I can revoke Appointment of Agent form 50-162 (1.111) at any time by completing form 50-813 and submitting it to the appraisal district in the county in which my property is located. Chandler Crouch does not charge a fee for this form to be revoked. If I do not send written notice, a minimum of 30 days prior to the protest deadline, stating my desire to revoke the Appointment of Agent form, I understand that Chandler Crouch may still protest on my behalf. I authorize Chandler Crouch to revoke the Appointment of Agent form at any time at his discretion. I grant Chandler Crouch full authority to make any decision on behalf of me for this protest including withdrawing the protest, deciding to not complete the protest, agreeing to any value, signing any property tax documents. I agree Chandler Crouch is under no obligation to complete any tax protest. I authorize Chandler Crouch to not proceed with the protest at Chandler Crouch’s sole discretion. I hereby waive any and all warranties, express or implied, and agree that Chandler Crouch's liability for any error, omission, failure to act or incorrect statement is limited to the amount actually paid under this Service Agreement. I also understand that I am not paying Chandler Crouch at all for any tax protest services. (which is pretty awesome, right?)

I understand that at Chandler Crouch’s sole discretion, he is going to try to reach an agreed upon settlement amount with the appraisal district, often referred to as an “informal protest,” “settlement and waiver,” or “joint motion.” If Chandler Crouch at Chandler Crouch’s sole discretion determines that further action is necessary, Chandler Crouch may continue to file a formal protest using an affidavit and likely won’t personally appear at a formal protest hearing.

These links are provided for reference only. I understand that Chandler Crouch is placing my electronic signature on the Appointment of Agent form (form 50-162) and submitting it on my behalf.

I understand that Chandler Crouch is providing help to me as a favor. I promise to try to be nice in return. If, for whatever reason, I become dissatisfied with his services, I promise to not make negative comments on the internet, try hard to forgive him, try to remain calm and contact him via email and allow 30 days to discuss my dissatisfaction with him to give him the opportunity to provide an explanation and possibly work to resolve any issue I have.

Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure Statement

This is to give you notice that Chandler Crouch has a business relationship with the following settlement service providers:

Provider Ownership Interest
Chandler Crouch Realtors, LLC 100%
Chandler Crouch Insurance, LLC 100%

Additional Disclosure:

  • Chandler Crouch is a licensed loan officer and W-2 employee at NEIGHBORHOOD LOANS, INC. Chandler Crouch has 0% ownership interest in NEIGHBORHOOD LOANS, INC.
  • Chandler Crouch NMLS # 1954791
  • Property Tax Consultant # 12363

Because of these relationships, this referral may provide Chandler Crouch a financial or other benefit.

Set forth below is the estimated charge or range of charges for the settlement services listed. You are NOT required to use the listed provider(s) as a condition for settlement of your loan or any other service being offered on the subject property. THERE ARE FREQUENTLY OTHER SETTLEMENT SERVICE PROVIDERS AVAILABLE WITH SIMILAR SERVICES, AND YOU ARE FREE TO SHOP AROUND TO DETERMINE THAT YOU ARE RECEIVING THE BEST SERVICES AND THE BEST RATE FOR THESE SERVICES.

Provider Settlement Service(s) Range of Charges
Chandler Crouch Realtors, LLC Residential real estate brokerage services 1-8% of the purchase price.
Chandler Crouch Insurance, LLC Property and casualty insurance 0-100% of the insurance premium.
Neighborhood Loans, INC Mortgage services 0-50% of loan origination charges and yield spread premium


By checking the box or submitting this form, I/we acknowledge that I/we have read this disclosure, and understand that Chandler Crouch is referring me/us to purchase the above-described settlement service(s) and may receive a financial or other benefit as the result of this referral.